September 4, 2021

Beasts will morph


You know how we all like to dig in on the issue of the day. We open the bonnet, get elbow deep in grease, tidy up after ourselves and wave them off as they get back on the road. Done and dusted. Tomorrow? Another day, another dragon wrastled and tamed. The day after that, same ol’ same ol’.

It certainly makes for an interesting, or at least busy, week. But are those dragons truly tamed?

More likely – out of expediency and a vision honed towards immediate wins – you’ve been treating the symptoms not the cause. Also likely, those beasts will morph and raise their heads again, looking slightly different but still made of the same stuff.

Dig a little deeper. The issue behind the issue. The cause, not just the effect. It might take longer, but the win will be longer.

Skippy strategy: Not all wins are created equal.