February 13, 2021

Better every day


If you’re honest, anything and everything you do could be done a little better, anything and everything that any of your team or your organisation do could be done a little better. We know this (even whilst we do nothing about most of if) and only react when we see something that’s underperforming particularly badly, or doesn’t compare with something else we see in the market, or that’s letting us down.

When that happens, we dig in, we spend some budget, we bring in some new people, we fix things in some version of a big-bang and get back to doing the things we normally do – just a little better.

Why wait? Set the standard for doing things better, just a little bit better, every day. Start with turning up early, preparing, being ready, clearing your cups. Finish with rocket science.

Skippy strategy: Just a little bit better every day.