October 28, 2021

Better handoffs


The first order of business is to work out the key handoffs between stages. Like pearls in a necklace, if each is connected to the next the circle will complete and all is beautiful. First describe the handoffs, then work to make them seamless – to the point where they’re second nature, near perfect every time, causing no stress and allowing the next sequence to start without rework or having to poke things back into shape.

It doesn’t matter (of course, in reality, it does) what happens before and after the handoff – that’s an efficiency issue for the internal team that does the work of that stage – all that matters (of course, in reality, there’s more) is that each handoff can happen cleanly. 

To make any organisation work better, focus first on better handoffs and leave squeezing efficiency for the second half.

Skippy strategy: Focus on handoffs for maximum management leverage.