February 18, 2020

Big fat assumptions


All of us work with our minds topped up with big fat assumptions. The more that’s riding on your role in the project, the more assumptions you’re managing. 

That you can get the thing done, that you have sufficient influence over others, that the technology will be ready, that the funding will be in place, that the calendar won’t run away with you, that you can hire the right people into the right positions, that you know what positions are right, that the customer will be ready willing and able, that the suppliers will hit their marks, that the regulators will be at theirs, that the competition won’t chop you off at the knees, that there are still some honourable people in the world.

And that’s fine. It’s the territory.

Just recognise them as educated guesses, and keep your eye on them.

Skippy strategy: Shine a light on your assumptions.