September 8, 2019

Bite sized


If it’s a half way decent (by which I mean challenging and can teach us something) project, you probably don’t know all the steps from here to where you need to go and you definitely don’t know how to pull them all off. Perfect then.

Along the road there will be plenty of wrong turns, a heap (that the collective noun, right?) of speed bumps, lots of going around in circles and the odd leap of faith. Still perfect.

All that challenging-learning means there’s also a bushel of opportunities to get distracted chasing down multiple rabbits. Worrisome.

The clarifying question is … what do we have to do to get to the next step?

Not, what are all the steps? Not, what must be do a month from now?

Only then should we spend time working out what to do after that.

Skippy strategy: What’s the next bite sized step.