June 23, 2016

Bland obsession


There are so many moving parts in any organisation that there’s interest everywhere. If you’re lucky, things of joy and wonder, go the other way, things of misery. Plenty to be glad about and plenty to fix, plenty in between.

Some of the parts though don’t move so easy. They’re set in a glacier – come back next century.

Yet they niggle.

If only … .

Why can’t we … ?

Wouldn’t it be good if the … oh … but it isn’t. Grrr.

It’s possible to become obsessed with all the things you can’t do. To see the immovables as anchors, holding you back. Getting in the way. Irritating. The focus of bile.

But they’re not going anywhere.

Get over it.

Use them as pivots. Swing around. Use your energy on changing the things that can be changed. Bring on the future, don’t rail against the past.

Skippy strategy: Spring forward.