April 24, 2020

Blue blue blue moon


There are people who make life more difficult. They specialise in digging into wrinkles that aren’t really there, who worry the bone on contracts after they’ve been signed, who tell you the seventeen reasons why something can’t be done, who specialise in digging their heels between the way things are done now and any kind of change.

For them, nothing is too complicated already, they’re always looks for other factors and dependencies and potential impacts and regulatory gray lines.

To be clear, some of their obstructions might be valid. Every now and again. One in a blue blue blue moon.

Every other time, all they do is sloooooww things down and frustrate everyone in their event horizon. If you don’t break free, they’ll suck everything in until it achieves singularity and time breaks. (Overdramatic?)

Skippy strategy: Agree your focus, don’t overcomplicate, find the simplest path … and stay on it.