January 25, 2019

Bring them in line


Sometimes you just butt up against reality.

The project plan says that Tab A must fit in to Slot B by Date C – but in the end, impossible. Tab A takes longer to fabricate than anyone expected, largely to do with the changing specification necessitated by unknown limitations and new requirements. Slot B? Slot B had been around since before we got here, and everyone assumed they knew everything there was to know about it, but they didn’t. Slot B was a little wider and a tad shallower than anyone expected – so that meant reworking. And all that wrassling killed Date C.

Nobody’s fault.

Unless … the scope could have been shaved and the risks managed and the resources increased and the deadline adjusted.

There’s the plan, there’s reality, and there what you do about both to bring them in line.

Skippy strategy: The plan is alive.