October 19, 2020

Busy doing


There’s everything you want to do. That’s the roadmap. Then there’s all the other things you have to do that get in the way. That’s the reality. Then there’s all the other things you do without thinking whether you should. That’s the trap. The game is making progress along the roadmap whilst dealing with the reality and not falling into the trap. You lose if the map gets abandoned or forgotten.

It starts with the map. A plan of where we’re going and the landmarks we’ll pass along the way. The plan allows for detours, for rest stops, and even some backtracking if that’s what it takes.

Now it’s time to make some decisions. Can we do this whilst dealing with reality? Do we want to do this if it means not doing all the other things we’re busy doing?

Skippy strategy: The roadmap is a choice about travel.