October 5, 2020



You may want to do the new thing. You may think it’s once in a lifetime, that the opportunity is too big to miss, that it would be a great fit for the organisation and the team, that if you don’t do it somebody else will, that it would be good, fun, exciting. And all that may be true. It’s even possible that everyone involved might also be convinced by the same thought process, and the answer has to be Yes, underlined, bold and in capitals.


Do you have the capacity? Assuming everybody was reasonably-to-crazily busy anyway, where will it fit, what has to give, what will you sacrifice from the now-normal if you’re to give anything more than lip-action to the new thing?

Because resources, time, attention, space, energy, focus, are not bottomless.

Skippy strategy: To free up resources for this new thing, what has to give?