March 8, 2020

By list


The meeting ends. See ya!

We knew why we were in the room, we had a great conversation, we wrote down actions and agreed what they meant and when they’d be completed. We even, extraordinarily for us, spent the last few moments talking about who needed to know the results of the discussion and added a final action so someone took responsibility for giving the update.

So … See ya!

That’s the end. Right?

Yes, if everyone is perfectly motivated and has developed the unshakable habit of getting things done. No, for the rest of us.

The next step, and there’s always a next step, is keeping on top of the actions. Staying in comms, asking and nudging and cajoling and connecting and keeping everybody spinning their plates.

In other words, management.

It doesn’t happen by list. It happens by listening.

Skippy strategy: The list won’t do the management for you.