September 5, 2017

By-when column


Every day, in every meeting, in the quite moments, looking at lists and thinking of ideas and working at plans and dreaming the dream … we come up with things to do. Things for us, things for our colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers … the big thing to do, and a bunch of little and middle things that need to be done on the way to getting the big thing done. Stuff. Actions.

And that’s great. Now we know (at least we know as much as we’ve planned so far).

Let’s call it the Now We Know – Wish List.

The next to-do, the very next … write down the deadlines for each piece. The By-when Column.

Even if it’s based on ten tons of assumptions. Add a date to every action.

Now it’s a plan.

Now you get on and ride.

Skippy strategy: Without a deadline, it’s a wish-list.