October 22, 2020

Can’t do everything

Window Boxes

Opportunity raps its knuckles on your forehead every day. We could do this, or this, or this, which would mean this or this or this. All good, all interesting, all worth the effort. Problems is … where will they all fit?  If not all of them, which?

Most people try squeezing them in. Grabbing a little capacity hiding in the corners, asking people to work longer or harder, talk the talk about working smarter. Might work.

The question isn’t, would we, should we do this? It’s, can we do this as well as everything else? (The answer is always No.)

To do any new thing you have to clear the decks a little (drop that other thing that’s chewing through time), create some space (more people, less bureaucracy, greater clarity), and make tough this-or-that choices about what you really want.

Skippy strategy: You can’t do everything.