July 24, 2020

Changing horses


Sometimes it feels like everything other than the thing you’re doing would be easier, and the idea of swapping horses can be compelling.

On your current ride, you see everything, you know where all the issues are, you speak to all the customers and know all their dissatisfactions, you’re aware of the weaknesses in the products and the processes and the people. You can’t help it, you spend all day, every day, dealing with it.

That other horse looks good because all you see is the movement. You don’t know the problems, the inefficiencies, the business model, the team you’ll need , the systems that underpin things, the thought and decision loops of the market.

The reality: every race is hard fought. Changing horses now, in the think of it, won’t be faster, it will be slower, and all you’ll have a different problems.

Skippy strategy: Follow through.