May 4, 2018

Chase the new


There’s a lot changing in the world. Lots of new technologies and new competitors and new people in your space. Lot being replaced and updated. Lots of approaches being tested and processes being applied. New is there – all the time.

And it’s all an opportunity.

And any of it could be the thing that makes a difference.

But very little will. Maybe none of it. 

Not this time, maybe not next time.

The only guarantee: if you chase-chase the new-new, all the time, you’ll risk the good/great current/old you already have.

New is good – good to know, good to consider, good to replace the out of date.

New is bad – bad to chase, to use without thought, to adopt only because it’s there.

Keep one hand on what you already hold. 

Don’t race the new, do match its pace. 

Skippy strategy: Keep up with the new, ride the edge.