March 12, 2020

Checking the gauges


Things run smoothly, until they don’t.

Whatever it is, with the right amount of attention, some good people in the loop and a certain amount of luck, you can get it to the place where it’s ticking along. The development is proceeding, the cash is flowing, the components are on their way, the conveyor belt … conveying. The clock ticks and everything move along in time, more or less.

Until they don’t.

Take you eye off the metrics and, probably, everything will still look good. And still look good. And still look good. And then they won’t. And then they won’t. And then they’ll get better, and then worse. And with you’re eyes off the metrics, you won’t know anything until the dial is in the red and things go critical.

Or, you could make a habit of checking the gauges anyway.

Skippy strategy: Never compromise on checking the gauges.