June 19, 2020

Choose expediency


Every day is filled with dealing with issues. Big ones, small ones, those that can be knocked off in a single email, those that will dominate for weeks. Issues. Even with the best planning and strong systems and processes in place, issues. Every day.

One way to consider them – there are two kinds of issues: point and system. At first blush, every issues looks like a single point. This problem here. Only after time, or experience, or a little digging, do we realise that this particular point is related to that other point we dealt with last week. When you find another one, it’s systemic.

Now the choice, fix the point or the system. It’s certainly easier on point, it’s the get-it-of-my-plate option, it’s faster in the short run. The question – do you value expediency over the job done right?

Skippy strategy: Choose expediency or the job done right.