September 6, 2019

Chunk, chunk, chunk


Chunk. Done. Chunk. Done. Chunk. Done.

There’s nothing more satisfying that hitting Save, or Send, or wrapping up the file, or finishing the presentation, or shaking hands on the detail, or signing the contract, or assembling the parts, or handing over the product, tying up the boat, or finishing the sentence, or switching off the light.

Chunk. Chunk. Chunk.

When we chunk something, every time, we know that it only happens because we started the same something. Because we picked it off the to-do list and put it in the middle of the being-done list, and we kept on going to the end. Chunk. We brought the resources to the table, we organised them, applied them to the task at hand, batted away distractions and got it done. Chunk. We started the thing we committed to do, and then we finished. Chunk.

Skippy strategy: Getting it done, means getting it started.