October 7, 2020

Cleaner lines


It’s tempting, isn’t it, to go as fast as you can. To work things out, put them in some kind of order and move on to the next thing. You know you’ve taken some short cuts and you promise promise promise that you’ll go back and fix them later – rework the code, write the manual, solidify the process, tie of the threads and pull everything together with a sweet red bow.

Except you never do. What kinda sorta worked gets left in place kinda sorta working, held tougher with sealing wax and string, waiting to break or be replaced. And every day, it hobbles progress.

Here’s a vote for going just a tiny bit slower so you can go a little bit faster. For putting things straight, or just straighter, before you turn your back and move on. The result, every time, cleaner lines.

Skippy strategy: Cleaner lines for faster progress.