December 21, 2017

Clear the baggage


There are always little jobs hanging about.

Returning a phone call here, tying off a hanging thread there, sending a thank you, filing a note. The stuff than piles up around you, and especially behind you, as you make progress on all the bigger things and focus your attention where it has immediate impact. All that focus, sometimes, leaves unfinished business at the edges

Time to tidy up.

Time to clear down your email, sweep debris off your desk, make the call, bring long-term conversations to their conclusion, give the feedback that’s been playing on your mind for months, finally follow-through on that promise to put Bill in touch with Ben.

Do all the little jobs that have been hanging about, waiting for just ten minutes of attention, and cluttering up the thinking space between your left ear and your right.

Skippy strategy: Clear all the baggage, and look ahead.