September 3, 2021

Clip in


Start with the knowledge that some things are hard and everything takes longer than you’d like. There will be days, weeks, when it feels like the wind is stronger than the cyclist, like the hill is mightier than the stamina, that nothing is easy and we never catch a break. Meetings are confusing or fractious, no one does what they say they’re going to do, cans are kicked down the road, decisions dangle, dangle – dangle – and … whilst we wait … the world turns and the context shifts and maybe we missed the boat.

Take a breath.

Is it hard (yes) or is it us (probably that too)?

Work with the answer. Find what needs to be changed – change what needs to be changed – and accept that hard things are hard and hard things make for hard times.

Remember, you chose to do this.

Skippy strategy: Clip in, keep turning the peddles.