November 26, 2019

Close the circle


Every project gets some kind of kick-off. Some event that marks the difference between thinking about it and actually doing it. The forces are gathered, the brief is given, everyone goes back to work and gets on with their thing.

Next step: the ups and downs and ins and outs of the actual project. Normal life is here.

At the end of things … delivery. A corner is turned and everyone escapes towards the next horizon.

Not this time.

The end of the project is the only opportunity to look back when it’s still fresh. To remember the ups and outs and downs and ins. To share the stories, to learn the lessons, to close the circle with a neat little bow.

Let’s call it a project kick-on. Where you reset the stage and get everyone prepped for the next leap forward.

Skippy strategy: Before this time ends, get ready for next time.