October 7, 2021

Cold and discomfort

Snow House

You have to be willing to enter the discomfort. To notice that someone is uncomfortable about a discussion or situation, and continue to mine for clarity all the same. Your job is not to keep harmony, it’s to get to the bedrock under the issue, to see all the fissures – not because it’s fun picking at the weaknesses, but because it’s only when you know where you stand that you can build back up in full knowledge of what you’re dealing with.

This is not giving cover for being mean or for personal attacks, it’s permission to get to the heart of the thing, for lifting the carpet and seeing the dirt for what it is … so that you can then deal with it and make for better choices next time around. Sometimes, to make progress, you have to keep going.

Skippy strategy: Push past the cold and discomfort.