March 3, 2018

Crack on


There’s definitely a lot to do.


There’s the big projects that once life is breathed into them – people assigned and budgets created and time allowed and plans committed – trundle forward. Always needing attention, always in your mind.

There’s the personal projects that even for an ace delegator like y’self, only you can do. Maybe they go with the job title, or the skill set, or the passion. For whatever reason, they’re all yours. Niggling until they’re done.

There’s all the little things that just need doing. The five minute phone calls, the pop to the shops, the to-do list fodder.

Then there’s the fires to fight that burn at the top of the stack and allow no slack.

All that.


The job is getting things done.

They will eat time, they are the work, they are all yours.

Skippy strategy: Prioritise, organise, crack on. Every day. Always.