September 7, 2018

Cracking nuts


Whether you’re involved in cracking nuts, solving problems or the daily task of leaping tall building-sized obstacles, there’s no better preparation than talking things through. The more complex the issue, the more uncomfortable the context, the more urgent the demand, the greater the benefit of gathering around some kind of communication device.

Technology helps, but there’s a hierarchy: written to verbal to faces to shared space.

The most collaborative piece of technology, hands down, is the table. Gather around, roasted coffee, a white board or two, papers and laptops – the ultimate thrashing-it-through, working-it-out, finding-the-wood mechanism – with the right people and neither too much nor too little time.

Meetings in time and space cost more time and more space than you’d like. The upside better be worth it. Use the newer technologies when you can, and use a table when you really need some togetherness.

Skippy strategy: Put the coffee on.