December 17, 2016

Dangling threads


In the rush that passes for day-to-day living in any project, any life, you start off a lot of things.

Some get woven into the way things turn out. An integral part of the fabric that becomes a daily practice. Business as usual. Standard operating procedure.

Some, the parts around the emergent pattern, get cut away as you find the whole that was hidden in the parts. Some gets shed as you smooth the rough edges, lint in the corners that’s swept away with every change in the wind.

Then there’s the threads. Dangling. Not really used but not quite chopped. Forgotten, abandoned, redundant, but hanging around all the same, dragging.

Chop them off.

It’s wholesome. Decluttering, simplifying, unburdening.

From meaningless online accounts to material organisational change.

Don’t let things dangle. Deal with them, and everything else moves on too.

Skippy strategy: Tidy up those dangling threads.