November 25, 2018

Deal with now


In the best case, there was the plan. In the worst, there was the kinda-sorta fantasy-dream. Either way, you had some idea about how things would be when you got to where you are today. Or maybe there was an idea about how far you’d have come by now, or maybe about who you’d find.

And then there’s reality.

In other words, there’s a difference between the mental model and the lay of the actual land.

In other words, a delta between idea and life.

Now you’re here you have the option of ignoring what you find and continuing as if nothing was out of place. You can grasp at air, rage in the wind, keep your head down and grind along. Hoping. 

Or you can look around, work out exactly where you are, and adjust the fantasy/plan to deal with now.

Skippy strategy: Deal with now.