July 17, 2017

Difficult things


When you have to do easy things, it’s easy. You know how long and how much effort is involved, you put the work in, and, ta da!, it’s done. No muss no fuss.

Difficult things though … hmmm … take a bit longer.

There’s the procrastination in getting started, the simple distraction of doing easier things first, the dread in digging in to the unknown.

Then, when you do start, there’s the actual effort involved, and the thought process, and the blind alleys and miss-steps. The thoughts evolve, get reworked and polished and started again. You need other people at different points and they take time to wrassle into place.

In short … it’s a long game.

Difficult things take the time they need, and it’s always longer than you think or want.

And then, a little more time to mature.

Skippy strategy: Start earlier to finish (rather than fudge) on time.