March 25, 2019

Distraction risk


When we get the idea to start something new – whether it’s an entirely new venture or a different way of organising the inventory – there are risks. If you’re not only the idea machine but the decision maker it can be a little too easy to give yourself the green light. Try thinking like your own boss.

One of the questions you’d ask yourself is about the risks of distraction. Whilst you’re working up this new thing – which everyone knows will take longer, have more moving parts, and less short term benefit than you imagine – what will be left to wither on the vine? 

After all, you’d say to yourself, given that you have a full time job just doing what you’re already doing, when you start this new initiative other things are bound to suffer. What’s your plan for keeping everything else on track?

Skippy strategy: How will you deal with distraction risk?