October 30, 2017

Do everything


You could do everything yourself.

You could source the laptops, get the coffee, paint the walls, design-develop-build-code-sell the product, reconcile the bank, sweet talk suppliers, manage inventory, handle despatch, deal with bankers and shareholders and customer and press and partners and prospects, write the website and the ads and all the marketing materials, interview and hire and fire the new staff and the old staff, fix the bugs, support the end users on Mondays and Sundays and all days in between. You could keep the books and do the accounts and chase the debtors and process the payroll and pay the suppliers.

You could be in every loop and have every, single, decision stick on your desk.

If you’re a one-woman-band … you have no choice.

If not … do your own job … and get out of everyone’s way.

Skippy strategy: Do your own job.