February 17, 2018

Do it now


There are always things nagging away. Inevitabilities that we’re trying to ignore. Good and bad sorta-maybes that are beginning to look like probably-certainties for which we’d be smart to start lining-up our ducks.

– It looks like there’s a funding gap coming down the track. Make the call and start doing what it takes to fill the gap. Do it now.

– That big order we’ve been working on, it’s going to hit. Find the resources so you can cope with the effort. Do it now.

– The email you know you need to write, the talking-turkey conversation you know you need to have, the definitive move you know you need to make, the new relationship you know you need to foster, the bitter pill you know you need to swallow. Do it now.

When you know, you know. When you know what you need to do, do it.

Skippy strategy: Do it now.