July 4, 2018

Do them now


It’s a guess, but there are probably things you have to do that you don’t like doing. 

Get over it.

Get over pulling an all nighter because you made a commitment and the deadline won’t shift – so everyone else can do their thing when you deliver.

Get over the boring accounting niceties and updating your expenses – so everyone else climb their rigging when you’re done.

Get over returning that difficult phone call, making that difficult decision, calling time on that difficult relationship – so everyone else can get on with toppling their own dominos when yours has dropped.

Get over all the little things and big things that you make into heavy work. Not so every else can do their thing, not the organisation can be successful, but because that’s the job. With responsibility comes, well, being responsible.

Skippy strategy: You’re going to do them eventually, so do them now.