December 18, 2019

Doing it right


Sometimes they’ll get away with, sometimes nobody will care, sometimes good enough is all that’s needed, sometimes the only one that matters is them and they don’t mind driving around their failures. The rest of the time, they’ll get found out. The short cut, sloppy second, don’t care, maybe she won’t notice, is it really worth the effort? attitude will get called out … probably by you … hopefully by you … if not, by the customer … and they’ll be in a game of do-over.

They’ll be reminded that that doing it right is less effort than doing it wrong and then doing it right. The smart ones will remember and will rarely stray from the path. The lazy, self centred, shoddy, hiding at the back ones will trip up again, and soon.

If you see a pattern emerging, engineer out the weakness.

Skippy strategy: Engineer the answer, or engineer the weakness.