November 11, 2021

Doing it


It’s a start, knowing that you have to do something. Knowing is not enough. Thinking about it is not enough. Considering all the options is not enough. Taking advice is not enough. Sleeping on it is not enough. Coming to a conclusion is not enough. Being willing to act isn’t enough.

It’s doing something that brings it home.

Sure, you should think and cogitate and look at alternatives. Sure, you shouldn’t leap into action without considering how much it’s a leap of faith. Sure, there are times when you need to put your ducks in a row before anything steps out of line. Being able to make a good decision isn’t enough.

When you know you need to make a decision, make it. When you know you need to line things up, line them up. When you know you need to act, act.

Skippy strategy: Doing it brings it home