November 6, 2021

Don’t do it


That thing you’re avoiding doing – building that spreadsheet, working up the presentation, stepping through the code design, drawing the model, writing the proposal – that big hairy time-sink that’s sitting on your to-do list.

Don’t do it.


Kiss it off. You know it will take five hours, so give it five minutes. Push it around a little bit. Five unrelated words. Ignore it. Make some coffee. Drink some coffee. Wash the dishes involved in coffee.

Still isn’t done.

How about working out what you’d have to do if you were to do it? Not actually doing it, but the steps you’d take. How would they string together? What order? Which piece is the hard bit and which is easy. If you pulled the easy bits together, how would that shape things?

Skippy strategy: Don’t start, just noodle until you’re on your way, might as well get on with it.