November 29, 2021

Don’t get mired


There’s a special quality that helps set apart the leaders on your team. They’re the ones who can understand and appreciate the detail, but who don’t get mired in it.

Sure, they can turn their hand to dealing with it, yes, they can pull it apart in forensic detail if the need arises, absolutely, they can talk about the why and not just the what of every things that being done inside and possibly outside their ambit. They can also pull back and make decisions based on the bigger picture, rolling with evolving priorities, without becoming overwhelmed with adding and adding and adding or frustrated with never being left alone to actually … arrgghh!

It’s better that the day to day doesn’t interfere with the grand plan – but it always does. The best leaders deal with it all the same.

Skippy strategy: Leaders get along in the face of change.