June 22, 2017

Don’t set objectives

Ship house

There must be some reason we don’t set objectives.

Maybe it’s easier just to slide on through. To not put ourselves out, then no one will know whether we’re winning or losing. To work towards an unspecific thought. To give ourselves an easy break coz, you know, who’s counting? Maybe we don’t want something we can use …

… To make clear what we’re trying to achieve and by when

… To measure by and be measured against

… To hold ourselves and our team accountable

(That all sounds pretty hard edged. We’re not so scared. Can’t be that.)

Maybe we don’t want anything …

… To motivate us when the going gets tough

… To point to when we’re successful

(Although that does sound kind of useful.)

Maybe it’s just easier to administer the status quo.

Or … maybe … commit to an objective, manage towards it, and see what happens.

Skippy strategy: Be clear about where you’re going. Go there.