January 3, 2019

Double check


It’s so easy to miss the intended communication that, erm, even you have done it. In both directions. You said something that was misunderstood, and you heard something that you took the wrong way. Most times it’s no biggie. The mistake is discovered and the wires uncrossed with nothing more than a day lost here or a dead-end found there. We talk again, sort it out, and get on with the next thing.

But that’s no reason to accept miscommunication as an inalienable right. Sometimes, it is a biggie, so every time, strive for clarity.

The quick route is to double-check. When I said that, what did you take it to mean?When you said that, here’s what I heard … am I right? And always always always agree a deadline, a done date, a check-in time, a follow-up.

Skippy strategy: Agree exactly which hill, and by when – then double check.