February 7, 2017

Double jeopardy


To get things done …

Don’t get distracted.

Things always come up. Interesting things. Promising much. Better than the current plan, different from the old plan, faster/better/smarter than we thought? Ask, how will this new thing take me towards or further away from my goal, how does it change what I’m working towards, will it add or take away? If it takes away, will that be better or worse? Will I be frustrated if I change direction now?

To get things done well …

Don’t be too focused.

There’s always something else, another way, a shorter cut, a smarter move. If you don’t stop and think, if you’re too one-eyed, if your head is stubbornly bent on doing.it.your.way, you’ll miss the greener grass, the guide, the smooth path to take you there.

Too much is too much, in every direction.

Skippy strategy: Lift your head AND keep your focus.