March 16, 2021

Doubt is healthy


There is a time for looking at downside risk, for emphasising the negatives, for looking into the chasm and being aware of the beast that could bite you. It’s not the domain of one nay-sayer, it’s the responsibility of everyone on the team to look at and assess with a cold heart … what could go wrong.

Now it’s out there, now we know what we could be dealing with, it’s time to manage the risk, to put plans and contingencies in place and to get on with the real work whilst making sure we push through and actively deal with the problems (instead of ignoring them and playing happy-talk).

de Bono’s black hat is a role to be exercised, not a characteristic to be lived. Accept that doubt is healthy, but don’t let the doomsters rule the room.

Skippy strategy: Listen to the doubts, then do something positive about them.