March 22, 2024

Down the snake


Any time you want to bring something new into the world, whether that’s a product or a process or a service or a thought … there will be ups.

When the idea crystallises, when someone gets it, when the corner is turned, when the team begins to bond, when the technology matures, when tab A fits neatly into slot B. When we’re climbing the ladder nicely.

And there will be downs.

When the clarity proves momentary, when they say No, when the team wrangles, when everything shifts to the right, again, when progress stalls and it all feels too difficult. When we’re sliding back down the snake.

It’s a fantasy that this time it will be different. That we’ll start in the foot hills and follow a sinuous but seamless path to the sunny valley beyond. Every project, all of them, is a game of ups and downs.

Skippy strategy: Buckle in.