May 15, 2016

Down time


There’s so much to do.

Sometimes it feels like the only way is foot to the floor, taps wide open, hell for leather, chasing, chasing, chasing. Only one speed counts: 1,000 miles an hour. It’s the only way to keep up with changing priorities, capricious customers, evolving opportunities and the innovation game.

Which might be true.

It might even be possible to do all that, and still bring the project to the finish line – not just ragged and disheveled, but signed, sealed and delivered to perfection.

Just remember, when you can, to breathe.

Read a book, fall asleep on the sofa, walk the dog. Whatever it takes to stop the go-train and make some down time.

Even. If. For. Just. Five. Minutes.

Skippy strategy: Not all go, go, go. Not all the time.