September 24, 2020

Dragging on


Some things are hard. With all the will in the world, even with unlimited resources, they’d still be hard. And with so much else going on, the reality we deal with every day: there is not all the will in the world (just firm and good intentions) and there are never unlimited resources (just what can be spared). 

So hard things drag on. The deadline’s stretched, and missed and stretched again. Without thinking about it, some of the hard things become the day to day things, never resolving, just one of the things we deal with without dealing with.

Don’t let it happen. Keep focus. Treat it like any other project.

Write down: the end game, the start date, who is responsible and what are the known next steps. Report against them. Hold yourselves accountable. Make visible progress. Work towards the clear finish line.

Skippy strategy: Don’t let dragging on become normal.