January 14, 2018

Draw things out


Some problems are doozies, overwhelming, paralysing. You know that the issue you see is connected to so much more that you can’t. You can get stuck. And it’s tempting to do nothing  – or poke at the surface – in the hope that clarity will come before you have to do something positive.

Don’t wait.

Stand at the whiteboard and draw things out. You don’t have to know the solution before you start. All you need is the humility to accept you don’t know everything and the confidence to accept that’s ok.

Digging and collating, testing assumptions, arguing about connections – the very act of trying to solve something you don’t understand is itself a way of learning more about that something. And somewhere along the way it will begin to make sense.

Procrastinators and perfectionists? Get started.

Skippy Strategy: Arrange the meeting, draw the first line, ask a question, work the problem.