July 11, 2018

Drill for OIL


Managing any kind of project involves people and things but it’s really about dealing with issues.

The people part is about commitment, scheduling and prioritising. Nothing simpler or more complex than that.

Then there’s the things that needs organising and doing. It’s about a plan and pushing along the path.

The real game is in the issues. What issue is coming over the horizon, how does it affect the plan, who or what is the cause and what people and things will be impacted? The farther ahead you see it, the easier it is to manage around (assuming you’re the proactive risk manager that you tell yourself you are).

The way to stay ahead of the game? Drill for OIL – focus on your outstanding issues list. That calls for a building a list, throwing every risk onto it, and working the problems.

Skippy strategy: Drill for and deal with OIL.