April 20, 2024

Early thoughts


Think about the thinking process. It’s messy. To get from your initial state of relative ignorance to the final state of a working solution involves a trip around the houses, and when you’ve found the building you’re after, it’s a mess in there. The sink is falling off the wall, there’s old furniture in the wrong place, and papers are everywhere. As you work out what you want to do with this place, you tidy up, chuck things out, straighten old things and bring in new things. Over time, you understand what you’re trying to do and you put the pieces in place to make it happen.


When you start to think – don’t imagine every idea will come out fully formed and beautiful.

Forget beauty, embrace the mess.

Ask only that your early thoughts frame the problem.

Skippy strategy: Accept early thoughts prototypes – tease them into shape.