September 4, 2016

Easy accelerators


There’s all the big things that demand gobbets of time and attention. Customers, a ringing phone, the craft of moving from A to B, that meeting.

Then there’s the little things that naggle, sucking discretionary time. Endless email, the arts of procrastination, staying connected.

Then the important thing, down time.

Between them all, the time wasters. The things you deal with just because you haven’t dealt with them properly. The automated systems that are there, waiting, waiting, whilst you fail to set them up. The straightforward tasks that could and should be delegated but you can’t or shan’t let go. The decision you’ve made, that won’t change, that is definitive – and needs sharing, and needs executing – but you’re sitting on, gumming its bite.

If you’re looking for ways to make things go faster. Look here.

Skippy strategy: The easiest accelerators: the ones you already control.