February 27, 2016

Easy listening


When you find yourself in unfamiliar territory it’s easy to be wide eyed as you take everything in. If you’re lucky, you get a guide. You might still miss the nuances and most of the details but you grasp the corners and edges of the thing. It’s easy to listen even if it’s difficult to understand. You engage, question, prod and test, ask for confirmation, move around to get a better angle, switch on all your senses, go around again for a second look, question some more, actively try to fit all the pieces into the jigsaw.

You’re switched on, 100%.

Back in your comfort zone, it’s likely you’ll turn down your attention, be lulled by the familiar, imagine you know everything already, that there’s nothing new under the sun, that you’ve heard it all before. And maybe that’s true, but probably not.

Skippy strategy: Think your way into 100% attention.