November 25, 2016

Eating time


That Friday afternoon feeling. Not lethargy, not excitement for the weekend, but panic that another week’s over with so little progress and so little done. It isn’t because you’re kicking back. In fact, you couldn’t be more busy. A thousand tasks on the to-do list, another thousand checked off, and then there were a bunch of inevitable interruptions, bush fires, and distracting holes dived down in pursuit of interesting and promising rabbits.

So much doing going on, that nothing substantial gets done. So many ways to eat time, even without the miseries of procrastination and perfectionism.

There is an answer. There is a way to get back in control of time. To spend more time on the important instead of the merely urgent.


Big things for two hours. Little fillers. Two more hours of big things. More little fillers.

Skippy strategy: A two hour chunk … do big things.