February 10, 2018

Elephant’s eye


If you get anywhere remotely close to your customer or your market, you’ll find a lot that’s wrong with their world. Inefficiencies, unnecessary steps, hidden and not-so hidden costs, out-dated methods and technologies, opportunities they’re missing, unseen upsides.

It’s an elephant. Big, lumbering, difficult to penetrate, huge inertia, more going on inside than you can possibly see from the outside.

Externally though … it’s a big opportunity.

The danger here is the number of options – we could do this and this and this or this or this or this. Especially if you have any unwillingness to make a choice (gimme gimme gimme). You can’t eat it all. Not yet.

Find the one opportunity that makes the most sense. Focus on the elephant’s eye. What’s the problem there that will get things moving? Where’s the greatest leverage, the most immediate impact, the needed win?

Skippy strategy: Get one part moving brilliantly.